Currently working on…

Well baughboard is coming along nicely. Might have an alpha version by the end of next week..

Really need to get my act together with the gallery. Either need to switch over to my own software (Nearly there, but not quite) or make a commitment to the current software and start the mass uploading of all these pictures sitting here. So yeah, that's what's going on with that.

As for the rest of the website, well what can I say. Neglecting it takes special talent. It just so happens I possess this talent.


So I guess this is complete or something.

Feels kinda strange seeing how I just removed content that wasn't complete instead of actually completing said content. For good measure I added some more pictures to the gallery.

On another very disturbing and quite scary note, I'm having that urge again. It started just as I was going to sleep on Monday night. Just as I was drifting off I was quite literally jolted up with the vision of how to make the member management system in baughboard and the urge to get up right then and there and code it. Needless to say I ignored that urge since it was already 1am and I'd been beating windows 2000 into submission for the past 5 hours strait but ever since then I cant help but toy with the idea of bringing the old girl out to play. I know, I'm scared too!


Well after a month of neglect I'm going to see if I cant get some work done on the site before I go of an a three week long holiday.

Then I have the joyous task of doing an offset exam when I come back

Next up

Changing the time on the datestamps. Cant have none of this yank time!

I guess I really should put the content up here, but well thatís not much fun.
Lets see I cant crate another tangent to go off on.

Thatís the only problem with actually doing things once youíve thought of them. They funnily enough get done! You are then back to the thing you didnít want to do in the first place and the cycle repeats.

Iím getting the felling Iím babbling incoherent sentences, which usually means itís time to go to bed, in fact thatís what I just might do!


Heh, the header image is now completely randomized, it's also time sensitive. So if it's night my time, you'll get some purrty night shots, if itís around sundown, some sunsets will show up. Iím sure youíre smart enough to figure out the rest.