Well I think that answers that question

As much as the photo gallery bugs me with its apparent lack of customizability, its admin features rock, mainly the Gallery remote application. For now it's going to stay until I have some time to dedicate to my own creation.

To celebrate I've uploaded two new galleries, some awesome night shots of Perth taken on new years eve and pics from the trip I did down south earlier this year.

Currently working on…

Well baughboard is coming along nicely. Might have an alpha version by the end of next week..

Really need to get my act together with the gallery. Either need to switch over to my own software (Nearly there, but not quite) or make a commitment to the current software and start the mass uploading of all these pictures sitting here. So yeah, that's what's going on with that.

As for the rest of the website, well what can I say. Neglecting it takes special talent. It just so happens I possess this talent.