Next up

Changing the time on the datestamps. Cant have none of this yank time!

I guess I really should put the content up here, but well thatís not much fun.
Lets see I cant crate another tangent to go off on.

Thatís the only problem with actually doing things once youíve thought of them. They funnily enough get done! You are then back to the thing you didnít want to do in the first place and the cycle repeats.

Iím getting the felling Iím babbling incoherent sentences, which usually means itís time to go to bed, in fact thatís what I just might do!


Heh, the header image is now completely randomized, it's also time sensitive. So if it's night my time, you'll get some purrty night shots, if itís around sundown, some sunsets will show up. Iím sure youíre smart enough to figure out the rest.